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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 28, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we getting the first look at tickets for the finals. the warriors bring the national spotlight to oakland. good evening i'm julie haener.
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>> and i'm frank somerville. it should be epic. stephan, lebron, the warriors and the cavaliers. game one now just a week away but ticks are set to go on sale tomorrow. already the city of oakland is starting to show its colors. mike mibach tells us the mayor of oakland is promising everything is going to be ready in time for the tip off. >> reporter: warriors fever alive in oakland. >> i love it. >> reporter: buttons and banners, flags and signs. >> i hope they do it. >> barbosa, he's the man. >> reporter: everything yellow seems to pop a little bit more now that the warriors have punched their ticket to the finals. >> i was at the game last night. what a game. >> reporter: and libby schaaf is getting ready for the finals. >> i don't want to jinx anything publicly. we're proceeding with great hope. but mayor ed lee agrees that the parade should be in oakland. >> reporter: with game one set on thursday and game two on a
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sunday night, city officials say that gives oakland plenty of time to make the spotlight shine on the city. >> we already know people are coming in from around the world. so we want to showcase oakland. >> reporter: meetings with city leaders, hotels and restaurants well under way. >> going to the art gallery or off the grid the oakland museum. we want them to come out and experience our city. >> reporter: the mayor did not say how many extra patrol officers would be on hand. >> we expect there to be a lot of celebration. a lot of people around and about. and we expect to have all the preparations in place for that to go smooth. >> reporter: the cavs and warriors tip off just one week away. mike mibach. one day after clay thompson got a knee in the head, early indications are he's going to be okay. the injury forced thompson out of last night's game and he
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received three stitches but briefly returned. after the game, thompson began showing concussion like symptoms. the 25-year-old apparently got sick in the locker room and his dad had to drive him home. thompson is expected to meet with a neurologist tomorrow morning before a final diagnosis is made. tickets for the finals are going on sale tomorrow. but some fans may be shut out by the high prices. noelle walker is live outside the arena, so noelle what is the going rate. >> i took this picture of a ticket earlier today and that's about as close as i'm going to get to getting a ticket because they start at $450 julie and that's for the upper deck. the lower floor starts at $875. that's buying them directly from the warriors. there are secondary prices that are already selling tickets for higher than that. and with a week to go until the first game, those ticket prices have only one way to go and that's up. >> the golden state warriors are in the nba finals for the
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first time in 40 years. >> reporter: the roar of the road won't be the only thing to blow through the roof. >> you're going to see prices that are going to make your eyes pop out. >> reporter: former 49ers and warrior executive andy dolton. >> having been involved in a lot of this. >> reporter: now a sports business consultant says final sales could hit rocket prices in the bay area. >> people are going to go, i don't care what the price is, i need the most expensive ticket just so i can tell everybody i have paid some ungodly fee. >> reporter: the blue and golden ticket for if cheap seats, the nosebleeds starts at $450. >> $450 is starting. >> that's insane. >> that is more than i paid for britney spears so that is a lot. >> reporter: we talked to these warrior fans at the stadium tonight. >> that's a lot more than a month's worth of tickets. >> reporter: with money left
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over for hot dogs. the 40 year wait, the storybook match up. >> lebron james, the transformer. this incredible player, against steph curry, the silent assassin, the choir boy. >> see that would be like a brand new car for me. not a basketball game. >> this is a first year i've actually gone to no games and i feel that because of that they're winning. i'm their good luck charm so i'm going to continue to not go so they're going to continue to win. >> reporter: many fans will cheer the warriors from afar.
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>> i want to shout out to the bay area. they've been die-hard fans. >> reporter: so the warriors start selling tickets in presale tomorrow at 9:00. then they open up to the general public at 4:00. that's if there's any tickets left and julie, that business consultant tells me the warriors are so hot he thinks people would scout tickets to see riley at the postgame. >> he probably will. those reactions are priceless. more than britney spears, thank you. you'll find a special section on the golden state warriors. just click the special section then look for warriors. more information on yesterday's hostage situation. today the owner of that gas station is telling his story. more on how it all turned out and the ordeal. >> reporter: this 75-year-old gas station owner received well wishes and plenty of attention
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the day after his harrowing ordeal. >> reporter: that's how the gunman talked to the phone on police according to the owner that was taken hostage. but he says the armed man treated him and his employee was completely different. >> he said don't worry, i'm not going to hurt you. >> and that was a cue to bala. so for the rest of his time in captivity, he tried to win his confidence. >> i said if you're angry, can i offer you something. >> reporter: late in the day, police released this picture of the suspect. the suspect crashed a stolen car, led the chp on a high speed chase and carjacked someone before being the target of chp gunfire. >> he broke the. >> reporter: that all led to
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the suspect running into the gas station where bala looked out for him. >> then i told him, go. you have come under my roof, it becomes my moral responsibility. social responsibility to protect you to the best of my capacity. >> reporter: but he and his employees did try to escape when the man dozed off. >> about 30 seconds, he went into a deep sleep. we tried to open the door, but it was trapped. >> reporter: police said gutierrez was wanted on a warrant out of tracy for car theft and brandishing a weapon. now he's facing charges for assault with weapon, and felony evading arrest, john sasaki, ktvu news. now to oakland where authorities say a reckless
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driver ended up in a stand off that lasted two hours. deputies followed the car for two hours where the driver hit a parked car. the man then went into a occupied house and fought with the owner. the five people outside got out safely. deputies found the man hiding in the attic and talked him into surrendering. he's been taken to santa rita jail to face charges. we learned today that stanford university is one of five laboratories in the country that may have mistakingly received a shipment of live anthrax. they received notice this week that a single vile of anthrax shipped last summer may contain small amounts of the bacteria. officials say there's no threat. they followed bio hazard guidelines. military officials say no one has reported any symptoms and
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that the anthrax samples have been returned. samples are now being analyzed to try to figure out the source of the goo that washed up. meantime, three u.s. senators including senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein said the emergency response in santa barbara was insufficient. they wrote a letter to the federal agency that oversees pipeline and asked an investigation on the decision by the pipeline operator. they also questioned why the line did not have an automatic shut off valve. a transgender woman has pled guilty to try to burn down the house that was featured in
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mrs. doubtfire. tykwan river will be held in jail. the doctor specializes in facial service. welsh was reportedly unhappy with the work she had done. the county district attorney tells us it is reviewing ray mcdonalds arrest. he allegedly violated a restraining order. he was also arrested monday morning and accused of domestic assault and child endangerment. mcdonald was released from jail late last night following that second arrest. a long time bay area sports writer died after a battle with
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parkinsons. he also reported on the warriors and was even there to report on the final beatles concert at candle stick park. ron bergman was 80 years old. scenes of destruction in the bay area as a summer movie thriller san andreas opens in theaters. we asked bay area seismologists to separate fact from fiction. and things are starting to warm up. coming up i'll tell you how much warmer for your bay area friday. and we find out b.a.r.t.'s top three priorities to make the system run better.
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new at 10:00, b.a.r.t. reveals its top priorities for improving service as the aging transit system struggles. commuters complain that many of b.a.r.t.'s problems are only getting worse. tonight ktvu's alex savidge on what he learned from riding the system with a go procamera and showing that video to a b.a.r.t. board member. >> reporter: it's a frustratingly familiar routine for b.a.r.t. riders. every day, lining up for trains, hoping for a seat but not holding their breath. >> no. you won't get a seat. but i don't have to go far. >> reporter: getting into san francisco from the east bay only gets more difficult as you move into the heart of rush hour. 8:00a.m. at the west oakland station and
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commuters on a tight schedule are in trouble. >> i need a seat. it's a lot more crowded here at this hour. people waiting at all doors. let's see if we can even get on this train. look at this. packed. completely packed inside. you just can't even get on. >> i am on a rush but i would rather wait than push in like that. >> reporter: many commuters just skip the overcrowded trains while others squeeze in getting up close and personal with other riders. >> it's so crowded and it's usually hot on top of it. >> reporter: on any given day more than 120,000 people use b.a.r.t. that's a 30% jump in ridership over the past five years. and it's clear, the aging system is struggling to keep pace after coming online in the early 70s. these days, most commuters have the same complaint. >> i think they need to have more trains running. to the east bay during the
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commute hours. because we're trapped in there like sardines. >> they're going to need more trains, they're going to increase more routs. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says easier said than done. even bath's higher ups admit it'll be a long time before things go smoothly. >> reporter: we showed him our video. is that right. >> no it's not right. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. needs to spend roughly $5.6 million on various improvement projects. the most important known as the big three. the most important, a project already on the way to replace all the already cars and expand
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the fleet. but after all the testing is done, those new cars won't roll out until 2017. >> it's going to take some time. these cars are expensive. they take a long time to go from an idea manufacturing into the fleet. >> number two on b.a.r.t.'s to do list expand it's maintenance facility over the next five years that will help keep all those cars in service. >> make sure they are available at the adequate numbers to provide capacity for our riders so they don't experience the crush loads that i witness in those, in your video. >> reporter: the third major project b.a.r.t. need to get done, replace its outdated train control system. once that project is completed in 2027, trains will be able to run closer together. >> shorten the distance between trains. we effectively added to the capacity both in terms of seats and rides. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. has secured about half the
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funding it needs to fully upgrade the system but paying for the rest will be the challenge. b.a.r.t. is hoping that almost 4% fair hike next year will help. the agency will also be asking taxpayers to pitch in. seeking support for a bond measure in the next couple of years. >> how do you convince taxpayers that they should pay more. >> i think we need to explain what the alternatives are and i think we have a good story. we have a system now that's 40 years plus old. we can make that case. the voters will support us, if they fail to make that case it's on us. >> reporter: some riders say they're willing to pay more for new trains that run more often. but long time train commuters candyce schneider is not one of them. >> i don't know why i should pay more. because i feel like i'm paying a lot and not getting anything for it. >> reporter: if that's not the case, these traepbs will get
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more crowded. 36%-- these trains will get more crowded. 36% increased ridership is expected. alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. go prois turning high adventure photography into a virtual reality experience. the san mateo based company says it's developing a device that will hold six go procameras and record 360- degree video. those clips can then be pieced into virtual reality segments with technology from a company called color that go pro bought back in april. go pro also announced it is developing a drone with a high definition camera. go pro's stock was up 6% today. the dow fell 36 points, the nasdaq dropped eight and the s & p dropped two.
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trading was relatively quiet. the service is free for prime members placing orders of $35 or more. amazon promises delivery by 9:00 p.m. on orders placed by noon. prime membership by the way costs $99 a year. checking on the weather. we have a little bit warmer today. we have fog out there now. head lights coming toward berkeley from san francisco. baseball game just getting over out there. a lot of folks on the bridge tonight. there's cloud cover along the coast and it's starting to push inland again tonight. as it has really for the last month. but, the difference will be it'll burn off more rapidly tomorrow. we'll see more sunshine and temperatures warm today at four or 5-degree. tomorrow it's going to warm another five or 5 degrees. even 60s shopping up by marysville and up toward the winters area. the winds are blowing. you have 32-mile an hour gusts. san francisco airport blowing pretty good or it was earlier. 14-mile an hour sustained.
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gusts to 25 here. so the sun is coming to your area -- so fog is coming to your area but burning off quickly. for the first time in a while, so tomorrow, warmer still and as we go into the bay area weekend, temperatures are going to continue to climb and then they drop off. i will dial that in for you. a nicer day than we had today with plenty of sunshine. just be prepared for fog in the morning hours. by 10:00, 11:00 it's out of here. we'll see you back here for the long range forecast. history is made at this year's national spelling bee. we'll tell you about that coming up. then at 10:30, the effort to change california law and require license plate for every car on the road with no exception. >> and san andreas debuts tomorrow. but there was an early showing
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tonight. we ask seismologists, coming up.
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the earth splits apart when a massive earthquake hits the san andreas fault. then a monster tsunami. that's the premise of a new potential movie san andreas which is just hitting theaters. it starts dwayne "the rock" johnson who grew up in the bay area. but is the movie realistic, can this really all happen? paul christianson is live. could this really happen. >> reporter: the answer is no. and the people who are seeing it today say the best part is
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seeing places in san francisco on the big screen. >> seeing the cities and towns you love up in the big screen, then watching them get destroyed. >> hollywood's vision of what could happen after a 9.1 and 9.6 earthquake hit the san andreas fault. but seismologists say that's not possible. >> the biggest we expect is magnitude eight or 8.3 or 8.4 everyone if the entire san andreas fault goes all at once. >> the area underneath the golden gate bridge is about 300 feet deep. for a wave to be able to do that perfectly formed and come in, no way. >> all disastrous stuff is more than anything we expect scientifically to happen in california. we cannot predict earthquakes. we can say where earthquakes
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can happen. >> reporter: now what is seen on the big screen may be a stretch so i asked, what from the movie is true. >> there is one thing, an earthquake will happen. >> reporter: there was a draw because we found quite a few people that want to see it. even though it's based on a natural disaster. >> i think one day we'll have an earthquake and i think it's shocking and scary but nothing like the movie. >> i know that something will happen and it will affect me. >> reporter: there are some parts about the movie that are unrealistic. but experts say that the good thing about the movie is having people watch it and get prepared. >> did you get scared with the movie. >> reporter: some parts were scary but having someone telling me it's not going to
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happen. i don't know. the scripps spelling bee finished today with two taking the top spot. the final word, the art of decorative paper cutting. the other student is from missouri. he wants to go to stanford to become an entrepreneur or a stockbroker. both students will receive $37,000 in cash and prizes and will get a trophy to take home. discipline and values. at 10:45, the unlikely upbringing for a scholar golfer who's dad happened to cofound systems. >> we don't stay at home and watch video games, we go out and play golf and have fun.
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>> hundreds of cars allowed to drive on the roads without a license plate. why some say it's a hazard and the bill that could change the law.
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we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
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a bay area lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would change the law in california and require temporary license plate on all new cars instead of those paper dealer tags. jana katsuyama is live at the bay bridge toll plaza to explain the fee that it could add to your purchase and why some say it's important for public safety, jana. >> julie, just two days ago the chp was looking for a car that blew through the toll plaza and it did not have a license plate. that is legal under california law for new cars. one lawmaker has a bill now saying that it's a public safety hazard and the law needs to change. >> reporter: cameras at the toll plaza got photos of the vehicle tuesday. but what should have been a
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simple search turned into trouble. >> the vehicle when it came to the toll plaza did not have any license plates on it. >> reporter: chp officer vu williams says too often they run into roadblocks because vehicles wanted for routine stops can get away with no plates. >> drunk drivers, hit-and-run, road rage a lot of times we don't have a lot to work with because we don't have a license plate. an investigation revealed that california is the only state in the nation that allows newly purchased cars to drive up to 90 days with no license plate. the only requirement is a small paper registration in the windshield. >> there's no way we're going to be able to leave what's in there as them driving by. >> reporter: today they cleared the path on assembly bill 1216. it would require every car sold in the state to leave the dealer with a temporary plate. >> the vehicle drives away,
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there'll be a very visible identification number that is now logged into computer systems accessible by law enforcement. >> reporter: critics are concerned about bureaucracy and cost. mullens says each license plate would cost $15 and would be integrated with the current system. >> my girlfriend got pulled over for not having license plates. and after that we called the dmv. >> reporter: luis maldana says they got a fix it ticket because a dealer put paper tags. he supports the bill. >> having a temporary plate, you wouldn't have gotten pull over or anything. >> reporter: although the bill is cleared for a vote in the assembly it would still have to go through the senate and governor brown. if it does pass it would take
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effect in january of 2017. >> reporter: all right, jana live at the toll plaza for us, thank you. the former mayor of orinda last week he won a special election in a contentious battle against susan bonilla. >> i care about schools and our roads. yet want to make sure every tax dollar is spent well and efficiently. so it's a balancing act to be a good listener to your community and be a good collaborator. >> reporter: glazer's opponents have accused him of being a republican in democrats clothing. the national parks service says the u.s.s. memorial will remained closed for a -- for about a week.
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a boat hit the dock. the ship was not damaged understood water. nearly 1,200 sailors and marines died on the uss arizona during the japanese attack on pearl harbor. if repairs go as planned, tours are set to resume next thursday. new at 10:00, san jose city leaders attend a grand opening ceremony for a new downtown luxury apartment building it's called one south market. major sam licardo says the project would spark more development in the downtown area. some say they moved here to escape the represents in san francisco but it's still not cheap. units range $3,000 to $4,700 a month for a three bedroom. major league soccer now today, next year's all star game will be held at the new stadium in san jose. avia stadium opened this year and the president of major league soccer say the new facility was a big part of the decision. the all star game will be held
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in july of 2016 and a week of concerts and a week of concerts and activities will proceed it. it's the beginning of a new chapter for hundreds of oakland students honored tonight. proud family members watched their loved ones receive scholarship honors. that program helps black males address challenges as they set their sights on college. a music festival, county fair, art, wine and bar-be- ques. we're going to detail some of the events around the bay. >> we'll let you know how much warmer it's going to get in your neighborhood. in two minutes, federal charges against former house speaker hastert. the accusations he lied about so called hush money.
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the already crowded field of republican presidential candidates swelled today when former new york governor pataki threw his hat in the ring. >> this morning i announced i'm a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. >> reporter: the announcement coincided with the release of a campaign video. the governor talked about being governor of new york during the september 11 attacks and what the country can do. he left office nine years ago and has acknowledged he's an underdog. and haashert agreed to pay
10:39 pm
someone $3 million. that person has reportedly known him for most of his life. in his hometown in illinois. the contra costa county fair opened today. the ribbon cutting was held and then the gates opened. it's just one of many events happening this weekend. >> reporter: the last weekend of may is knocking on the door. hello everyone. mike mibach there with your weekend watch. how about some rock & roll described as the first taste of summer it's part of bottlerock napa valley. if you decide to go try to commute, traffic will most likely not be smooth. and in san rafael it's the annual marin home and garden expo at the marin civic center. plenty of free to how seminars.
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if you don't like that, how about music and a farmers market all rolled into one. happens until the end of summer. let's talk about pets. here's a snapshot of me and my dog charlie who i adopted just about seven years ago and speaking of adoption this weekend marks the annual matti free pet adoption project. the goal here to empty out the shelters. the free event runs saturday and sunday at participating shelters in alameda, santa clara and san francisco county. 40,000 people expected at foster city. the family friendly admission free event has an old fashioned carnival, plenty of food and music. it is located add -- adjacent to the lagoon. there's also the milpitas art festival and the beer festival. i'm mike mibach and that's your weekend watch. on you will find more information on all the
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events taking place this weekend. just look for the entertainment button right on the front page. >> while the warriors grab all the headlines, san francisco giants quietly edging toward first place. plus we're going to hear from harrison barnes on his monster fourth quarter against the rockets. we have mark ibanez on deck for all the sports news. and the nation's top collegiate golfer is a star from the team from stanford. the unlikely upbringing he credits for his success. sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready.
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ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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sophomore maverick mcnealy has quickly become the star of sanford's golf team and top collegiate golfer in the nation but also has well known participants. >> scott reiss tells us how they taught him hard work, stay
10:44 pm
humble even though his family is extremely wealthy. >> reporter: the fairway is wide open for mcnealy. >> matt is the guy you like to introduce to your daughter. >> reporter: and recently in golf. matt has led the cardinals to back to back golf titles. he won the individual conference championship by 10 strokes including a final round 61 that tied the stanford records held by two players. including some guy named tiger. >> there's a lot of things that make matt a lot of pressure. he doesn't have a lot of fear when it comes to golf. you never know how a guy is going to react when he has to make that putt. >> look at that. >> i feel i get the most between rounds. analyzing what i did well and didn't do well. >> reporter: but to really understand matt the golfer you have to understand the person.
10:45 pm
his father is microsoft system cofounder scott mcnealy. now before you go jumping to conclusions about rich kids and country club sports, consider the values that scott and wife susan instilled in their four sons. >> they understand, i told them at a very early age. you were born with a platinum spoon in your mouth. everybody is going to think that everything is given to you. you're going to have to work extra hard. >> i took these students to work hard. >> this is the bedroom maverick shared with his two older brothers. four twin beds all along the wall.
10:46 pm
and in this room, no cell phones, no tv and no video games. >> i know which one of my brothers snores. >> we never looked over his shoulder to do his home work. we just said get your stuff done and we will stay out of your hair. >> watching more stereo types and making mavs story more wonderful, the fact that golf was not his primary sport until college. he was more of a blue collar athlete. >> i played a lot of ice hockey growing up. >> reporter: the rink in his backyard probably had something to do with that. but now a mere two seasons into his collegiate golf career he's the top ranked player in the nation. >> his level of improvement and curve has been really steep. he's shown success on the court. he's one of our all time greats. >> reporter: add it all up and you have a young man who's
10:47 pm
poised to become the next stanford golf star to take the world by storm. but maybe not via this course. >> maverick has a tough choice. he's so talented as an entertainer. but he is also an incredibly mature, smart leader. and he has so much more he's going to offer as a capitalist versus an entertainer. he's 19 years old now, i think he's going to be president of the united states. >> i'm just going to make sure i get a good degree and kind of take everything i can out of stanford. >> reporter: at stanford, scott reiss, ktvu news. and we're tracking that warm up today. temperatures came up a few degrees. these are the highs that were recorded throughout the area. even though it was pretty cool to start today. it warmed up nicely at 80 degrees in san rafael. san francisco 59 degrees. that was one of the cool spots
10:48 pm
and hayward 63. so there you have it. the bay bridge kind of showing the lights coming up from the ball game. the clouds out there now are really just coastal clouds. low clouds and fog. that are going to push inland tonight as they have every night for the last night or so. they should burn off more rapidly tomorrow. this flow here you can see here, this is that ridge of high pressure building in. it's not going this way right. it's kind of going this way. so that is how we know things are going to warm up. they did in fact, warm up a little bit each day for a the last couple of days. by saturday, i think it's going to be more noticeable. so the fog footprint tomorrow morning. it's not too bad right. a lot of cities like livermore, concord. out toward clayton, out toward antioch. becoming mostly sunny when they get going. and that allows you them to warm up. these reds are 90s. that's modesto and sacramento but they're closer to us.
10:49 pm
you will notice it tomorrow. this low is the culprit for tomorrow. the high pressure is in. tomorrow it will warm up. thursday and friday it'll warm up a little bit more then it hoverers there on saturday. and on sunday the temperatures dip back down. 86 in clear lake. those are the high spots or the warm spots. 83 in brentwood. so you notice the heat where you expect it more east of the area. 80 in martinez. around the bay instead of mid- and low 60s we'll get some upper 60s. still a warmer day. santa clara valley, 80 in morgan hill. at the coast upper 50s. there'll be sunshine at stinson, then the four day forecast. friday looks good. saturday looks good and sunday it drops off. this is another little tweak goes through and drops, brings some cloud and maybe a little bit of drizzle. we stay a little warmer than we did this week early next week. really what matters here is best day on the weekend is going -- nicest day, warmest
10:50 pm
day will be saturday on the weekend. sunday a cooldown but still nice. just take your jackets for bar- be-ques that night. some of oakland's top athletes were honored at an award show tonight. it's an award show created after the oscars. the group is committed to enpowering disadvantaged students with the academic and social support they need to prepare for college. today's award includes male and female athletes of the year and coach of the year. >> congratulations to all of them. mark is here with sports. giants and a's both had wins. >> we have a couple of teams on the winning track. warriors are going to put them on the back burner for a week or so. giants, it's all about the hitting on the road. come back to san francisco, it's giant pitching. tonight both mesh nicely. they haven't allowed the opposition to score so much as
10:51 pm
a single run in the last four home games. and braves 0-0 until the seventh. ticket to ride, deep to left center off shelby miller who's pitching a beauty for atlanta. sixthof the year for belt. until the eighth, giants had scored six runs. joe panic right smack down in the pheuld -- middle of it. the lead up to 3-0. and hunter pence very next hitter, watch him split the scene to right center field. he hit it to the alley, you have yourself a triple two run. 7-0. giants with a half game behind the dodgers and 30 straight shut out innings at home tie a franchise record. yankees coming to town.
10:52 pm
still got a certain ring to it but these aren't your reggie or derek jeter pinstripes. they've been struggling as of late. a. rod is ruled nothing until bagley tags him. he got a finger in there and the umps say safe correctly. and lawrie a screaming meany to left. a's win it in the seventh with two runs on a bases loaded walk and sac fly. 5-4 your final. no action the rest of the week only warrior talk and we'll have the latest on clay thompson's condition. and the sharks would like to get back in that conversation
10:53 pm
about a championship. as they introduce a man they hope could get them there. sports part two next.
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you know how successful the sharks have been over the years. their success measured a little differently. you don't make it to the play offs you might not stick around
10:56 pm
as a coach. ask todd mcclelan new man in to replace him and he has a good chance of trying to take this team back where they belong in the play offs. meanwhile one week from tonight it's going to be basketball bethlehem in the bay area. and they'll be monitoring clay thompson. he'll see a neurologist tomorrow and when clay left the court, barnes took over. barnes doing very well. in fact, scored nine straight points at one point. coming through big time at 24. that's all the time for sports tonight. >> so great to see hill do well and he stepped right in when they needed him. >> beautiful clutch play. >> game one next week. can't wait. thanks mark. >> thanks for joining us tonight. our coverage continues on >> see you later everyone. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> good night.
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one of my best efforts. have at it. mm, i can't eat that. why not? the pickle's touching it. there. the juice got on the bread and, ew, what's that stuff? spices. they look like sea monkeys. have you ever really examined a jar of pickles, jay? it's like a swamp in there. i'll pass. what happened? i made him a beautiful sandwich, and he won't eat it. yeah, 'cause it had pickles on it. joe is taking a nap. i'm gonna go to the dry cleaners. well, if you're passing a sushi restaurant -- she's not. i've never heard of anyone not liking pickles. aw, big day for you, then. i'm just gonna make myself a grilled cheese. i think i saw some gruyere in there. do we have any fig? unh-unh. sit down. this whole persnickety thing is not gonna fly in the world. never hand people another reason to make fun of you. you mean like all the cool kids with their leather jackets and their pickles? well, yo


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